The activity of the Private Investment Forum Worldwide is being conducted only thanks to the support of the sponsors and partners.

Each sponsor of the Private Investment Forum Worldwide supports not only the organizing committee of the event but also enhances the opportunity for business development of all the forum participants.

Every participant of the Private Investment Forum Worldwide, regardless of the status, level and size of the business, has the opportunity to establish new business connections, conclude beneficial deals and strengthen his business with the support of sponsors and partners.

What are the Benefits of Being a Sponsors of the Private Investment Forum Worldwide?

VIP Status

The head of the Sponsor’s delegation always gets a V.I.P. participation status from the organizing committee.

Priority in arranging the meetings.

Sponsors have a top priority in arranging meetings with other interesting Forum participants.


Sponsors receive a number of special advantages in promoting the interests of their company among the forum participants: highlighting at the Forum venue, online promotion, placement of promotional materials at the forum, placing banners, a special introduction in the list of participants and much more.

The Sponsorship promotes your company among the investors from all across the globe...

Sponsors of the Private Investment Forum Worldwide become sponsors of ALL the events within one year. We hold 4 key Private Investment Forum events in different countries throughout the year.

Want to be part of this event? Contact us for sponsorship possibilities!
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