Co-operation of Family Offices as a Guarantee of Long-Term Success. Chapter IV

During this event, on September 14, we will delve deep into the intricacies of balancing the liquidity of investments, examining key topics such as the potential impact of artificial intelligence (AI) and task automation, the impact of climate change and the need for sustainable solutions in investment opportunities. Heads of the Single-Family Offices participating in the panel discussion will dive into the realm of SFO portfolio investments, shedding light on how they manage their investments in a time of economic difficulty. This captivating gathering will foster enriching conversations, offer valuable insights, and provide a remarkable opportunity for participants to expand their knowledge and exchange ideas. By joining this event, attendees will not only gain a deeper understanding of investment strategies but also forge meaningful connections that can propel them toward long-term success.

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Executive Director
Caravel Group Limited, Singapore
Renewable Energy - Hydrogen, Wind, Solar, etc, Commodity Trading, Climate tech, decarbonization, Agriculture solutions, Paths to Net Zero, Energy Transition, Green Infrastructure (particularly in China and India,
Craig Astill
Managing Director & CEO at Caason Group ( Australian-based Single-Family Office)
IT&Technology, Manufacturing: Medical supplies and devices, Oil&Energy&Mining: Mining technologies, Real Estate&Construction, Trading, Impact investment, Telecommunications, Agriculture: Agricultural technologies, Environmental technologies

Checking the sound and video.
After the registration, you can take part in an informal conversation with other registered participants.
To make the meeting atmosphere easy and enjoyable for you please take a cup of aromatic coffee with you to the monitor. Beautiful cups are welcome:-).

On the panel:
- Craig Astill - Managing Director & CEO at Caason Group
- Mina Nozari - Chief of Staff at LVC Global Holdings
- Peta Milan - Founder & Principal at Henmil Group Family Office
- Anurag Singh - Partner in Dana Group of Companies
- Ana Judith Alma - Board Member in Anacaona

Each participant has a unique opportunity to ask questions to the panelists.

- Portable Potable Water Systems for the DRC by Submerged Technologies
- Walled Garden Company

Participants will hold up to 5 meetings with all interesting attendees. Personal schedule is available in the relevant section.

Event Details