Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Private Investment forum Worldwide

Compliance with these terms and conditions is mandatory for participation in any Private Investment Forum Worldwide event (Events).

The event organizer is the PIF Event Management (PIFW).

  1.      Dates of the events, location and conditions of conducting the Events shall be defined and stated by the Organizer and announced at the website www.pif.events.


  1.     Participant gives the right to use Participant’s  information in the Forum announcements, promo materials of the Event and post-event coverage in media with the purpose of realizing the objectives herein. Current rights are applicable for usage on TV, internet, social media, printing materials, boards, radio, direct marketing and etc.
  2.     The participant does not object to conducting photo shooting and video filming during the event, as well as the use of reportage photo and video materials from the forum venue (in which the participant can be explicitly or implicitly depicted) to publish post event materials about the event in social media, the Internet, periodicals, etc.


  1.      If Client’s information about the PIFW or its management is confidential, it is necessary to notify the PIFW in written form.
  2.     In the absence of information about the Client, the PIFW is entitled to use the information about the Client published on the official Client’s page (PIFW or its management) in LinkedIn network.
  3.      The Client provides the right to the PIFW’s representatives to conduct preliminary negotiations with potential business partners regarding possibilities of further cooperation with the Client.
  4.     The Client provides the right to the PIFW’s representatives to share contact information, as well as some other information about the Client with potential business partners in order to strengthen the image of the Client and to create opportunities for direct business contacts between Client and its potential business partners.
  5. In order to have a more comfortable business contact between the participants, the participants do not object to using their mobile phone’s geotags to clarify their location in the territory of the forum venue only during the forum time.
  6. Forum participants who have received a complementary invitation are entitled to negotiate with investment projects owners to determine the most relevant investment opportunities.
  7. Forum participants who received a complimentary invitation do not have the right to negotiate on attracting investment in affiliate projects, funds, as well as to promote, sell or advertise investment opportunities, projects, etc.
    To promote, advertise or attract investment in affiliated projects, you must obtain the written consent of the organizers.
    If a participant present during the forum on a complimentary invitation negotiates to attract investments in affiliate projects, funds and / or promotes, sells or advertises investment opportunities, funds or projects, the organizers may require such a participant to pay the amount of 25000USD. In addition, the organizers may cancel the complementary invitation and cancel all previously scheduled appointments. The organizers reserve the right to inform other participants about the cancellation of such an invitation and its reasons. In this case, the organizers do not bear any material, moral, image and so forth responsibility to such a participant.

    Liability of the Parties

  1.      The PIFW does not assume any financial, moral or any other liability to the Client, regardless of the chosen service conditions for the possible consequences resulting from the interaction with the recommended business partners or other third parties.
  2.     The PIFW provides event services and promotion only and is not responsible for the actions of Client or business partners recommended in relation to each other. As well the PIFW is not liable with respect to the commitments, agreements, contracts, etc. arisen between Client and recommended business partners, even if such agreements, commitments and contracts arise from the provided PIFW services.