Future Harvest – Cultivating Investment Success in Agriculture

On October 10, 2024, the 193rd Private Investment Forum Worldwide, “Future Harvest – Cultivating Investment Success in Agriculture,” will bring together a select group of 30 seasoned investors to explore the future of agriculture and aquaculture. This exclusive gathering is set to delve into a series of pivotal topics, addressing how to bolster food security, recognize long-term low-risk investment trends and leverage cutting-edge agricultural technologies to enhance farming efficiency and decision-making.

Participants will gain unparalleled insights into the most beneficial AgTech innovations that are poised to transform the agricultural landscape in the near future. This event presents a unique opportunity to understand the dynamics of agriculture and aquaculture, focusing on investment strategies that promise substantial returns and sustainability.

Why Attend?

  • Engage with investment experts to discuss ways of building food security and the integration of agriculture with aquaculture.
  • Explore trends worth investment in 2024 that promise long-term, low-risk returns.
  • Learn about agricultural technologies that enable farmers to make smarter decisions and optimize farm operations.
  • Discover the most rewarding areas of investment within agriculture and aquaculture in terms of investment returns.

Who Will Attend?

  • 30 distinguished investment leaders and influential entrepreneurs representing over 24  countries;
  • Accomplished professionals with a proven track record in the agriculture and aquaculture industries.

The 193rd PIFW: “Future Harvest – Cultivating Investment Success in Agriculture,” is scheduled for October 10, 2024 and will be conducted online via Zoom. The forum will last for three hours, from 4-7 pm Dubai time, 8-11 am New York time and 2-5 pm Zurich time. Spots are limited, ensuring an exclusive experience for all participants. 

To secure your participation in this groundbreaking event, please apply now: https://pif.events/registration-form.

Event Details

A welcoming word from the leader of the Club.
To make the meeting atmosphere easy and enjoyable for you please take a cup of aromatic beverage with you. Beautiful cups are welcome:-).

Seasoned investors will explore an abundance of potent strategies, techniques and challenges for forging a strong financial path, from making the initial investment to expanding into a veritable wealth empire.

Each participant has a unique opportunity to ask the panelists a question.

Project owners can present their companies to a conclave of potential backers securing needed investment.

Participants will hold up to 3 meetings with all interesting attendees (each meeting 20 minutes long). Personal schedule is available in the relevant section.

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Present your project at the Private Investment Forum Worldwide

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At the Private Investment Forum Worldwide you will get:
A 5-minute presentation at the Private Investment Forum Worldwide to 25+ investors
Personal support of a dedicated club assistant during the preparation to the forum and the forum itself 
3 guaranteed follow-up meetings with interested investors at the event
Contact exchange and your deck being shared with all interested investors

Event Details