Single Family Office Forum.Cooperation of SFOs Worldwide. Chapter III

Single Family Office Forum.Cooperation of SFOs Worldwide

During the previous family offices meeting, many heads of family offices who attended it had the opportunity to share valuable insights, ideas and discuss various trending topics: distinguishing between good and bad investments, the benefits of co-investments and succession planning in Family Offices. Although the gathering was fruitful and the leaders had a great chance of discussing the topics, it wasn’t enough to cover all the subject matter questions in full depth. Therefore, it was decided to host another Family Office Gathering to further discuss many important matters and assist heads of single family offices in forming solid and advantageous relationships with like-minded family offices.

123rd Single Family Office Forum «Cooperation of Single Family Offices Worldwide. Chapter III» will take place on April 20, 2023. Heads of the Single Family Offices and investors will once again gather to discuss and exchange their precious takes on Family Offices collaboration, proper preparation of heirs, share their investment criteria and personal experiences.

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Event Details