The future of Agriculture: challenges, innovation and investment opportunities in 2023.

The future of Agriculture; challenges, innovation and investment opportunities in 2023

On March 23, 2023, dozens of renowned active investors and industry leaders in the agriculture field will join together to discuss the most crucial matters of the agriculture industry, such as regenerative agriculture, the growth of agritech and much more, while also debating the many investment opportunities and risks that this industry will bring in the following years.

The 119th PIFW: “The future of Agriculture; challenges, innovation and investment opportunities in 2023” will be a groundbreaking event where investment leaders will turn their attention to the agriculture sector and dive deep into many of the current topics of this industry. During the panel discussion, experienced agriculture industry leaders will discuss solutions for the many challenges that this industry faces, including ways to preserve food security, how to deal with climate change and soil erosion, all while delivering valuable insights into dozens of other critical matters.

Craig Astill, CEO at the Caason Group, Australia: “I think there are better ways for us to continue to improve our food from the point of protein and nutritional value as well as what it does for us in terms of human health benefits.”

Bert van der Vaart, Chief Investment Officer at SEAF, US: “We have invested a lot in agriculture. Because in the emerging markets, there has been a very strong transition theme where people were moving away from a status-led economy which included a very inefficient agricultural sector, or whether issues such as climate change require technological advances to find a way to adapt to those changes.”

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Event Details