Anthony Jarrin
President & CEO at The Cannaregio Group (US)
Aviation&Space&Transport: Logistics, ports, Hospitality&Retail: Hospitality, Investments&Banking&Finance: PE, RE, co-investment Other industries: Telecom, defence, Real Estate&Construction: Real estate, development, construction, affordable housing, infrastructure, Impact investment, Agriculture: Land acquisition, soy, forestry, farming
Jon Bennion-Pedley
CEO at Investment Owl (Uganda)
Healthcare: MedTech, medical cannabis, vaccination, covid, Investments&Banking&Finance: High performing funds, IPOs, bonds, loan notes, IT&Technology: Fintech, Medtech, Edtech, Real Estate&Construction: Property development, Impact investment: Education, water, vaccination, digital giving, Agriculture: AgriTech
Craig Astill
Craig Astill
Managing Director & CEO at Caason Group ( Australian-based Single-Family Office)
IT&Technology, Manufacturing: Medical supplies and devices, Oil&Energy&Mining: Mining technologies, Real Estate&Construction, Trading, Impact investment, Telecommunications, Agriculture: Agricultural technologies, Environmental technologies
Anirudh Tripathy
CEO at KPM Asset (US)
Edmond Hui
Edmond Hui
Founder & CEO at Acacia Venture Capital Partners (China)