Omar Al Mulla
Sharjah Asset Management (SAM) (UAE)
“That is a unique event, especially from different companies that are attending this Forum. We’ve met doctors here, engineers, different sectors, different kind of advisory, investors attendees. All of this, this is what specialized the Forum, that’s what we like about this Forum. And finally this will help us also in networking in the future. For the time been we might not focus on Africa, but we have reached some networking with Africa and some other countries we are not looking at. But this gives us an understanding of this business. So, in the future, we might look in these countries and geography, and we can change our mind. So, thank you again for hosting us! It was our pleasure to attend this Forum.”
PIFW Adam_Ladjadj
Adam Ladjadj
Private office of H.H. Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Alnehayan (UAE)
“I think it’s fruitful, and I think that sometimes you might be sitting down with prospects that you haven’t thought about maybe going into, in terms of their sector or their niche. And it does give you some knowledge about sectors that you might think of going into in the future. The set up and the format when it comes to meetings it was done nicely. We have enough time to sit together comfortably in a good environment. It was the pleasure and we will be coming to all of your future events!”
IV Private Investment Forum Worldwide
Mario Al Jebouri
“Being at the Forum is wonderful and unique. What I have found, attending the forum here today and last time, is that it’s very focused and very precise to the benefit of the attendees. And namely, in putting together investors with projects owners, looking and discussing very relevant topical issues, which affect everyone business was very beneficial. Therefore, rather than sitting through numerous presentations on irrelevant topics, with your Forum, we have found that it’s very tailored, very specific, very mindful of the fact that everyone’s very busy all the time. It was a really great enabler for people to come into face-to-face meetings, and face-to-face discussions with counterparts. It’s been a wonderful experience, one that has a really tangible effect on the people attending. Great respect for all the work, and not only the work that you’ve put in, but also the strategy that you are following, the idea that you’re implementing — unique in itself…”