John Rose

Aviation&Space&Transport, Healthcare, IT&Technology, Manufacturing, Impact investment, Education
Managing Member
Healthcare: Cannabis, IT&Technology: FinTech, Blockchain: FinTech, Agriculture, Sector agnostic
Director Of Strategic Partnerships
Healthcare, Retail, Real Estate, IT&Technology, Blockchain
Director of Philanthropic Services
Healthcare, Hospitality&Retail: Travel, IT&Technology, Broadway producing, Cannabis, Real Estate, Impact investment, Education
Partner & UNDP Consultant
Deep tech, AI, Renewable Energy, SDGs-anchored impact investing, Healthcare, Real Estate&Construction
Chief of Staff
Oil&Energy&Mining, Impact investment
Aviation&Space&Transport, Healthcare, Investments&Banking&Finance, IT&Technology, Manufacturing, Blockchain, Education
Managing Partner
Healthcare, Investments&Banking&Finance, IT&Technology, Manufacturing, Oil&Energy&Mining, Trading, Sport, Pharmaceuticals, Impact investment, Telecommunications, Agriculture, Education
Managing Partner
HealthTech, MedTech, Direct investment in Europe, CleanTech, Farming, Aquaculture
Aviation&Space&Transport, Healthcare, IT&Technology, Oil&Energy&Mining, Trading
Manufacturing, Impact investment
IT&Technology, Other industries, Telecommunications
Speaker Details
Speaker Details