Opinions of participants

Tonino Belmonte

Tonino Belmonte

Partner at GCRCF (Australia)


Richard Hawken

Fund Manager at The Car Fund (UK)


Osama Saeed 

General Manager at Bin Hamoodah Trading & General Services (BHTGS) (UAE)


Pankaj Gupta

Founding Partner at Gulf Islamic Investment (UAE)

Ashraf Al Moustafa

Ashraf Al Moustafa

President, Austin University (US)

“I’m very happy to be here today, and I am impressed with the quality of your programme. You guys organized a high-class quality event. I’m very impressed…

It is actually a working format. We had a few meetings in the morning, I’ve already got a few offers, and I’m meeting them after the event again. Thanks to you and your programme.” —  Ashraf Al Moustafa

IV Private Investment Forum Worldwide

Mario Al Jebouri


“Being at the Forum is wonderful and unique. What I have found, attending the forum here today and last time, is that it’s very focused and very precise to the benefit of the attendees. And namely, in putting together investors with projects owners, looking and discussing very relevant topical issues, which affect
everyone business was very beneficial. Therefore, rather than sitting through numerous presentations on irrelevant topics, with your Forum, we have found that it’s very tailored, very specific, very mindful of the fact that everyone’s very busy all the time. It was a really great enabler for people to come into face-to-face meetings, and face-to-face discussions with counterparts. It’s been a wonderful experience, one that has a really tangible effect on the people attending. Great respect for all the work, and not only the work that you’ve put in, but also the strategy that you are following, the idea that you’re implementing — unique in itself…”  — Mario Al Jebouri

Houssam Nasrawin

Houssam Nasrawin


“Organising this kind of Club Forum not only is a good idea, but also your added value to this is the quality of the people. Because what a lot of people do is b2b meetings, I mean, it happens in a lot of conferences, but here you can bring a lot of investors, private offices, family offices, family businesses, international groups, and it’s a unique opportunity to talk to those people, who you normally don’t have access to… It is amazing, because we see the quality of the attending people, we want to meet them, we want to discuss synergies with them. So this is the main point of the b2b meetings at your Forum…” — Houssam Nasrawin

PIFW Adam_Ladjadj

Adam Ladjadj

Private office of H.H. Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Alnehayan (UAE)

“I think it’s fruitful, and I think that sometimes you might be sitting down with prospects that you haven’t thought about maybe going into, in terms of their sector or their niche. And it does give you some knowledge about sectors that you might think of going into in the future. The set up and the format when it comes to meetings it was done nicely. We have enough time to sit together comfortably in a good environment. It was the pleasure and we will be coming to all of your future events!”


Matjaz Zadravec

CEO, Royal Vision Group (UAE)

“It’s our great pleasure to be here. It’s a completely different experience. I believe, it’s business oriented environment . If you have a very limited time, but also you need to find yourself casual talking about yourself about the others, try to find the benefits. These kind of the meetings are also beneficial in the sense that, sometimes, when you meet the people, you don’t know what the interest might be there, but then you figure it out during the meeting. That’s the beauty of it, and, on the other side, there is just enough time to do the introduction, to recognize the potential, and then, of course, if energy is there and potential is recognized, you agree for the follow-up meetings and take it from there. I believe, it is a beautiful and beneficial combination! Congratulations on how you design everything, it is very unique and beneficial event. We are very proud to be part of this event!”

IV Private Investment Forum Worldwide

Spyros Martsekis


“I think it’s a great initiative, congratulations! Hopefully you will continue with the same passion for the event for the years to come. And it would be a great idea to expand them in other countries as well…. We often go to forums that are full of speeches, and presentations, and sometimes they’re boring. But you have completely different approach! It’s the best format you could do… This forum is very effective, it’s very business like, this is extremely focused, this is excellent, very good…”

Atheeqe Ansari

Atheeqe Ansari

Founder & CEO Electric Way (UAE)

“It’s the first time I’m attending something like this. I must commend you did a good job, the venue is nice, the people are very interesting… I made some interesting connections, which I think, can lead to some business. It’s a good mix of people from different spheres, different countries, and different businesses. When you interact with them you share new ideas… It’s very unique in terms of bringing people together, since you’re going globally, I’m quite interested to see, how it’s gonna do.”

PIFW Jennifer Warren

Jennifer Warren

Managing Partner AtlasX Ventures (UAE)

“It’s been a wonderful forum. I think, typically we have to go through a lot of travel, and a lot of people to search these types of deals… It’s been a great way for me to source deals all in one place…”

PIFW Mohamed Aamer

Mohamed Aamer Mughal

CEO First Forte Consultancy (UAE)

“It’s been very good. I’ve been delighted by the quality of a lot groups that have been brought here. The Format works out really well, in terms of one-to-one meetings. Everyone wants to talk, everyone wants to meet. It works, and I think it should be more often, it’s good for the region, and it’s a good opportunity for international companies see what we can do together…”

Chris Ferguson

Chris Ferguson

CEO Credence International (UAE)

“The fact, that you personally invited everyone to this Forum, already gives people an air of confidence when they working on this. I think, you have done a good job in pulling all this together. And I think, that there certainly will be some good business, after the forum…”

Omar Mehanna

Omar Mehanna

Board Member, The Interlink Group (UAE)

“It’s been extremely helpful in terms of organizing a session where there senior key decisions makers all present in one place. From my perspective, some people were scratching their heads initially about what the mental health service is doing here. But we thought about it differently and I think I was very encouraged by the receptivity of the people here and their understanding of how important it is. So it’s been extremely helpful, the one-on-one meetings have also been very very helpful, so thank you so much for all your fantastic efforts!…”


Omar Al Mulla

Sharjah Asset Management (SAM) (UAE)

“That is a unique event, especially from different companies that are attending this Forum. We’ve met doctors here, engineers, different sectors, different kind of advisory, investors attendees. All of this, this is what specialized the Forum, that’s what we like about this Forum. And finally this will help us also in networking in the future. For the time been we might not focus on Africa, but we have reached some networking with Africa and some other countries we are not looking at. But this gives us an understanding of this business. So, in the future, we might look in these countries and geography, and we can change our mind. So, thank you again for hosting us! It was our pleasure to attend this Forum.”

PIFW James Koutoulas!

James Koutoulas


I think the format is wonderful. And it is such a great job you and your team organizing everything. I have met a lot of people here, that I think, I wouldn’t have met anywhere else. Business owners, others CEO’s, I mean, people really from diverse areas of life, who spend most of their time in West, in Europe, in America. It’s really wonderful to meet middle easterners, feel the warmth of the culture, it’s really great meeting people who really understand commodities, background here they seem to really care to understand what we do in energy, space, in metal, in crypto currency even… The face-to-face contact becomes even more important. Actually at the Forum here we’ve met two guys, who I’ve talked recently via phone, there actually was a lot of business sense for us working together, but we’ve never really been connected. At the Forum you meet each other, you break bread, you drink tea, and we like, we really should being working together. We are meeting formally on Thursday to discuss that, so thanks for being the catalyst there.


Tariq Abu Saleh

Founder and CEO European wealth group limited (UAE)

“Thank you very much! It is really amazing, I mean the country needs such an investment forum, so people can be introduce to each other, increase the portfolio of investment, rather in Dubai and overseas and so on. It is amazing, congratulation for you. It’s really interesting. It is very excellent, I mean, getting people, investors together in discussing a lot of potential opportunities. And the city and overseas as well, I believe, we need a lot of this kind of investment forums. So, you know, people get together and understand the investment strategy and the way how to be develop within the region and also overseas. It amazing, what you have been done. It’s really the good thing!”

Hasib Nawaz Shaikh

Hasib Nawaz Shaikh

Vice President Aqua Properties (UAE)

“Thank you for having us here. It’s been a pleasure, the time that we investing here, that have been worth it, all the minutes. It’s been a lovely event, all the people here came with the positive mind set, they are decision makers, they actually are concern people we needed to connect with. And I think, it’s a wonderful job done. I would like to be a part of it every year…”

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