From Lab to Market, Capitalizing on Biotech Breakthroughs in 2023

On October 12, 2023, a curated group of 30+ experienced investors will assemble to dissect the future of investment in the biotech, healthcare, and pharmaceutical realms. They will also delve into hot topics like gene editing, AI in drug discovery, and personalized medicine, as well as the trends projected to gain traction in the coming 2024 year. In addition to analyzing the latest biotechnological innovations with transformative potential, the event will shed light on the often-complicated terrain of securing capital for startups in this dynamic and complex sector.

The 146th PIFW: “From Lab to Market, Capitalizing on Biotech Breakthroughs in 2023” is a select assembly designed to offer attendees a rare chance to glean insights from industry leaders. Participants will also discover investment approaches for both early-stage and scaling companies in healthcare and biotech, with a particular focus on the challenges and solutions for capital raising in the modern biotech environment.

Event Details

Checking the sound and video.
After the registration, you can take part in an informal conversation with other registered participants.
To make the meeting atmosphere easy and enjoyable for you please take a cup of aromatic coffee with you to the monitor. Beautiful cups are welcome:-).

Each participant has a unique opportunity to ask questions to the panelists.

Participants will hold up to 5 meetings with all interesting attendees. Personal schedule is available in the relevant section.

Managing Partner
Biotech is changing the game in healthcare. We're shifting from just patching up problems as they come to actually stopping them before they start. Biotech It's not only about enhancing quality of life, it is about; it's about living better, too.
Savvas Neophytou
Chief Investment Officer
Deepbridge Capital
The world of biotech is always on the move. This year, we've seen some great progress, especially when it comes to understanding our own genes and making medicines that are tailored just for us.
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