Fiona Miller

Managing Partner
Biotech is changing the game in healthcare. We're shifting from just patching up problems as they come to actually stopping them before they start. Biotech It's not only about enhancing quality of life, it is about; it's about living better, too.
The Club gatherings always manage to be incredibly informative, providing participants with invaluable insights and thought-provoking perspectives.
Executive Director
"It's truly a pleasure to engage in discussions on vital and captivating topics of the Family Office landscape while forging enduring connections and relationships."
Head for South Asia Disruptive Technologies
"The potential impact of technological innovations on improving the lives of people, particularly those who are underserved, is immense and far-reaching. With the rapid advancement of technology, we have the ability to address critical issues faced by marginalized communities, including limited access to healthcare, education, and clean energy."
"Regardless of the industry, technology poses an incredible benefit to the world and society as a whole. It is indeed very important to carry on investing in technology."
Charlie Sidman
"I think that money is both energy and a medium of freedom, but also money is a scale to evaluate and compare different concepts or situations. It's not the only one, but it's used quite broadly for that purpose”.
Trista Bridges
Principal and Cofounder
"Throughout my experience in the investment industry, I have encountered numerous investment opportunities, some more promising than others. The ability to distinguish between good and bad investments is a crucial aspect of being a successful investor."
Savvas Neophytou
Chief Investment Officer
The world of biotech is always on the move. This year, we've seen some great progress, especially when it comes to understanding our own genes and making medicines that are tailored just for us.
Jos Boeren
Head of Agriculture & Food Investments
“There's a lot of technology being applied into agriculture, but much of it is unrealistic. Agriculture needs technology that connects with the farms' challenges and the farmers' needs; these types of technologies are certainly bound to succeed.”
Vice President Aqua Properties (UAE)
“Thank you for having us here. It’s been a pleasure, the time that we investing here, that have been worth it, all the minutes. It’s been a lovely event, all the people here came with the positive mind set, they are decision makers, they actually are concern people we needed to connect with. And I think, it’s a wonderful job done. I would like to be a part of it every year…”
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