Fiona Miller
Managing Partner
Biotech is changing the game in healthcare. We're shifting from just patching up problems as they come to actually stopping them before they start. Biotech It's not only about enhancing quality of life, it is about; it's about living better, too.
Charlie Sidman
Charles Sidman
"I think that money is both energy and a medium of freedom, but also money is a scale to evaluate and compare different concepts or situations. It's not the only one, but it's used quite broadly for that purpose”.
Trista Bridges
Trista Bridge
Principal and Cofounder
IT&Technology: All types of Tech
Tariq Abu Saleh
Founder and CEO European wealth group limited (UAE)
“Thank you very much! It is really amazing, I mean the country needs such an investment forum, so people can be introduce to each other, increase the portfolio of investment, rather in Dubai and overseas and so on. It is amazing, congratulation for you. It’s really interesting. It is very excellent, I mean, getting people, investors together in discussing a lot of potential opportunities. And the city and overseas as well, I believe, we need a lot of this kind of investment forums. So, you know, people get together and understand the investment strategy and the way how to be develop within the region and also overseas. It amazing, what you have been done. It’s really the good thing!”
Atheeqe Ansari
Atheeqe Ansari
Founder & CEO Electric Way (UAE)
“It’s the first time I’m attending something like this. I must commend you did a good job, the venue is nice, the people are very interesting… I made some interesting connections, which I think, can lead to some business. It’s a good mix of people from different spheres, different countries, and different businesses. When you interact with them you share new ideas… It’s very unique in terms of bringing people together, since you’re going globally, I’m quite interested to see, how it’s gonna do.”
IV Private Investment Forum Worldwide
Spyros Martsekis
“I think it’s a great initiative, congratulations! Hopefully you will continue with the same passion for the event for the years to come. And it would be a great idea to expand them in other countries as well…. We often go to forums that are full of speeches, and presentations, and sometimes they’re boring. But you have completely different approach! It’s the best format you could do… This forum is very effective, it’s very business like, this is extremely focused, this is excellent, very good…”
Pankaj Gupta
Founding Partner at Gulf Islamic Investment (UAE)
Amer Fasihi
Co-founder at Kraydel (UK)
Edmond Hui
Edmond Hui
Founder & CEO at Acacia Venture Capital Partners (China)