G.I.L.C. Crunch 2024: Meet Your Investor

As the twilight of the year gives way to the luminous dreams of tomorrow, GILC Crunch 2024: Meet Your Investor emerges on the horizon, heralding an era of transformative potential. On February 29, 2024, the portals will open to an extraordinary realm where 15 pioneering projects and their creators will step into a crucible of innovation, ambition, and opportunity. This isn’t merely an event; it’s the genesis of what’s next, the spark that can set the path of the future alight with possibilities, with investments waiting to be seeded from $50k to $1 million.

Our adept event assistants are your navigators in this journey, they will unveil the arcane secrets of a successful pitch, guiding each presenter down the path of compelling storytelling and effective communication—ensuring your project doesn’t just attract attention, but commands it.

At GILC Crunch, it isn’t just about the ideas you bring into the room; it’s about the ignited imagination you’ll carry forth into the world. This is where your journey transcends the boundaries of what is and touches the horizon of what could be.

The GILC Crunch 2024: Meet Your Investor, will take place on February 29, 2024, via Zoom. The duration of the Forum will be 3 hours (from 5-8pm Dubai time). 

Event Details
GILC Crunch 2024: Meet Your Investor
  • 29.02.2024 17:00
    Welcoming word from the leaders of the Club

    To make the meeting atmosphere easy and enjoyable for you please take a cup of aromatic coffee with you to the monitor. Beautiful cups are welcome:-).

  • 29.02.2024 17:05
    Introduction of the investors

    An illustrious introduction of the investors and the esteemed investment committee.

  • 29.02.2024 17:20
    Projects' presentations

    A high-octane session of electrifying pitches, where brevity meets brilliance.

  • 29.02.2024 18:20

    A thrilling lottery draw, where every participant has a chance to win valuable gifts up to $9000.

  • 29.02.2024 19:00
    One-to-one follow-up meetings

    Exclusive twenty-minutes one-to-one follow-up meetings with interested investors, the crucibles where ideas are refined and futures forged.

  • 29.02.2024 20:00
    End of the Day
$150: Guest access + entry into the exciting lottery
Recommended participation for investors, consultants, fundraisers and everyone who’d like to witness investment dreams come true.

Participating as a guest you get an opportunity to watch the pitches of the great investment projects and hear the decision of investors committee when they choose the most interesting investment opportunities.

You will also take part in a thrilling lottery with a chance to win a valuable prize, guest participation at the Private Investment Forum Worldwide (original price $3000), yearly subscription on the GILC investment community platform (original price $840) and much more.

$1,200: guaranteed 5-minutes detailed presentation + lottery participation + private meetings with investors
For start-ups looking for their first million

Are you looking for money and support for your start-up? All successful projects have strong mentors behind them. The GILC Crunch: Meet Your Investor is a place where any start-up can find capital and investment backers.

Face-to-face contact, a presentation to investors and an unlimited number of one-to-one meetings with interested investors will quickly bring you your first capital.

At the GILC Crunch: Meet Your Investor you will get:
A 5-minute presentation at the GILC Crunch: Meet Your Investor to 15+ investors
Personal support of a dedicated club assistant during the preparation to the Crunch and the Crunch itself 
Guaranteed follow-up meetings with interested investors at the event
Contact exchange and your deck being shared with all interested investors

You will also take part in the lottery and get a chance to win valuable prizes, among which are presentation opportunities at the Club gatherings (original price $3000), guest participation at the Private Investment Forum Worldwide (original price $2000), yearly subscription on the GILC investment community platform (original price $840) and much more.

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Ojas Capital & Pallo.com
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City Side Ventures
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Managing Director & CEO at Caason Group ( Australian-based Single-Family Office)
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