Fiona Miller
Managing Partner
Biotech is changing the game in healthcare. We're shifting from just patching up problems as they come to actually stopping them before they start. Biotech It's not only about enhancing quality of life, it is about; it's about living better, too.
Jennifer Warren
Managing Partner AtlasX Ventures (UAE)
“It’s been a wonderful forum. I think, typically we have to go through a lot of travel, and a lot of people to search these types of deals… It’s been a great way for me to source deals all in one place…”
Houssam Nasrawin
“Organising this kind of Club Forum not only is a good idea, but also your added value to this is the quality of the people. Because what a lot of people do is b2b meetings, I mean, it happens in a lot of conferences, but here you can bring a lot of investors, private offices, family offices, family businesses, international groups, and it’s a unique opportunity to talk to those people, who you normally don’t have access to… It is amazing, because we see the quality of the attending people, we want to meet them, we want to discuss synergies with them. So this is the main point of the b2b meetings at your Forum…”
Pankaj Gupta
Founding Partner at Gulf Islamic Investment (UAE)
Tonino Belmonte
Tonino Belmonte
Partner at GCRCF (Australia)