Mina Nozari
Chief of Staff
Oil&Energy&Mining, Impact investment
Ramesh Kumar
Aviation&Space&Transport, Healthcare, Investments&Banking&Finance, IT&Technology, Manufacturing, Blockchain, Education
Ambuj Mathur
Managing Partner
Healthcare, Investments&Banking&Finance, IT&Technology, Manufacturing, Oil&Energy&Mining, Trading, Sport, Pharmaceuticals, Impact investment, Telecommunications, Agriculture, Education
Werner Schuenemann
Managing Partner
HealthTech, MedTech, Direct investment in Europe, CleanTech, Farming, Aquaculture
Aquila Lee
Aviation&Space&Transport, Healthcare, IT&Technology, Oil&Energy&Mining, Trading
Jaswant Singh
Manufacturing, Impact investment
John Rose
IT&Technology, Other industries, Telecommunications
Ricky Tejapaibul
"Investing is not just about the financials; it's about believing in the business and being passionate about it."
Fiona Miller
Managing Partner
Biotech is changing the game in healthcare. We're shifting from just patching up problems as they come to actually stopping them before they start. Biotech It's not only about enhancing quality of life, it is about; it's about living better, too.
Marta Albert
Investments&Banking&Finance, Real Estate&Construction, Trading: Financial